AirZone 10-Feet Spring Trampoline with Enclosure

10' Trampoline Enclosure (shipping included)

Skywalker Trampolines Round and Enclosure,10'

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  • A 10ft trampoline with enclosure is a great choice if you have younger bouncers in your family. The lower frame height makes it easier for younger children to climb onto the trampoline and the enclosure stops them from falling off. The circular design also naturally directs the bouncer into the centre of the trampoline which is the safest part. 10ft trampolines give a better bounce than the 8ft trampoline but still provide the stability required for younger children.

    If you are looking for an excellent all round performance from a 10ft trampoline with enclosure you should consider our It features 72 zinc plated springs for a fantastic bounce.

  • Both the Skyhigh and Skyhigh Plus 10ft trampolines are avaliable with the option of being purchased as part of a . This gives you the option to include some very useful extra items to get the most out of your new 10ft trampoline with enclosure such as a trampoline cover and ladder to keep the mat clean and a ladder to allow safe access.

    Our 10 ft trampolines range also features a . The benefits of a rectangular trampoline is unlike a round trampoline, the centre of gravity doesn't pull the user into the middle of the mat. This means that with the rectangular Skyhigh 10ft trampoline wih enclosure your child can bounce freely in all kinds of directions. The enclosure included with this model means that the user will stay on the mat, even with freedom of bouncing. We thing that this particular 10ft trampoline with enclosure is suitable for children but needs to be assembled in a larger garden as the 10ft x 17ft mat its the longest we sell.

  • The 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure Package will save you over £61 compared to buying all the parts separately. Your 10ft trampoline with enclosure will also be delivered for FREE!

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As with all our outdoor trampoline range, the 10ft trampolines are supplied with an access ladder and weather cover There is also the option to buy the 10ft trampolines with an enclosure or as a which also includes a trampoline tent, a trampoline anchor kit and a trampoline shoe bag.