What to expect When ordering a Mini Trampoline.

With a lot of good comments from previous customers, this particular mini trampoline is ideal for kids.

Variflex 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline

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  • Price points for mini trampolines range from a nominal $20 to $400 or higher. Because user safety is one of our top considerations, we didn't include the least-expensive models among our top contenders. When shopping for a quality mini trampoline, we suggest that potential buyers consider price, construction, and weight capacity carefully.

    The Fitness Trampoline 250's frame is constructed from 16-gauge steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. The mat is made from an incredibly strong woven material called Permatron, and the elastic strapping (called EnduroLast 2) is rated to handle over two million bounces. The exposed ends of the Bungee-like elastic straps are covered by a series of protective nylon "petals." These petals allow users to step out of the main bounce area occasionally without risking injury.

    The Fitness Trampoline 250's legs are arched; this type of construction provides more stability than models with straight legs. The legs are permanently attached to the frame, so the unit cannot be folded. We consider this to be a good feature, as other mini trampolines have been known to fail due to faulty hinges. The arched legs also allow multiple units to be stacked. Satisfied users report at least two years of reliable service from their Fitness Trampoline 250. One replacement EnduroLast 2 strap is included in the box, but only a handful of customers have reported any failures.

  • A new by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) finds that bouncing on a mini trampoline for less than 20 minutes is just as good for you as running, but feels better and is a lot more more fun.

    The researchers gave a group of 24 fit college kids a mini trampoline and popped in a 19-minute trampoline video. They measured the jumpers’ heart rates and oxygen expenditure every minute.

  • The Urban Rebounder features a solid metal frame and strong mesh mat material, but we were unable to find more specific details about these parts in our research. The unit includes two different sizes of hinged legs. This feature allows the user to set it up as either an angled rebounder (for medicine ball workouts) or a traditional flat mini trampoline. The Urban Rebounder uses heavy-duty metal springs to provide a firm bounce and energy absorption. There is no cover over the springs, so it is possible for users to slip off the mat and land in the spring area.

    A few users report a strong chemical odor, but this did not appear to be a universal occurrence among customers. The Urban Rebounder is exceptionally durable, especially when compared to generic store brand models. The springs are easily replaceable, and the mat material is strong enough to withstand years of regular use.

jumping on a mini trampoline for fitness exercise

Be prepared to start off slowly, as this mini trampoline can be quite tough to use. The DVD that comes with the product as standard will guide you through a range of exercises that will help you get in shape. This product is ideal if you’re serious about getting fit, without needing to hit the gym.