An entirely ajustable trampoline structure.

Our 13ft square trampoline is designed for spacious backyards and active jumpers.

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop, Blue, 12-Feet

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  • In-ground trampolines also require more time and money to build. They need to be placed in a space that can allow 3-4 feet of digging without running into rocks or utilities of any kind (gas, electric or plumbing – a call to your local city planning office might be a good idea). I addition, you will need to consider how water from rain, snow or even normal gardening will drain out from underneath the trampoline. Stale and stagnant water in a back yard can lead to insect infestations and/or rusting.

    If you are placing your trampoline in-ground there is still the danger of falling. We suggest looking into our top-rated as an alternative. Safety nets, if installed correctly, will help prevent a ground impact from a fall and will stop intentional jumping off the trampoline– often leading to injuries. An enclosure ensures that a child enters and exits the trampoline safely. They also carry a high weight rating and are essential for adults just as much as children. Either way, enclosures keep the jumper safe and are a necessity when owning a trampoline.

  • Another misconception is that an in-ground trampoline will feel just as bouncy and comfortable as an above ground trampoline. Also, false! If the trampoline pit does not allow for the proper air-flow, it can feel like you are jumping on a hard surface and be rather uncomfortable. The picture on the left shows an in-ground trampoline without proper ventilation and most likely a hard jumping surface.

    "You get an amazing and it’s so much fun," says Basheerah Ahmad, founder of the fitness consulting firm 360 Transformation. She encourages celebrity clients like Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and Vivica A. Fox to use a mini trampoline in their routines.

    Safest Trampoline in the Market
    9'4"x16'4" approximate outside frame dimensions and 36" height
    Properly fixed Safety Pads attach to the frame
    Our extra wide safety pads are 12" wide & 2" thick
    100 Heavy duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty
    Also available with Enclosures

  • Largest Rectangular Trampoline in the Market
    100% American Made
    Safety Pads are securely attached to the frame
    14'4"x16'4" approximate outside frame dimensions and 44" height
    124 Heavy duty Galvanized springs with 2 years warranty
    Available with or without Enclosure

    JumpSport offers a variety of top-rated trampolines and safety enclosures that are well built and would look great in any yard. It's true that an in-ground installation will hide this normally very visible piece of outdoor play equipment. However, please consider what we have discussed so far; dampened bounce, limited access to the frame and key components of the trampoline, extra maintenance costs if not properly installed, and the extra cost of the installation. Consider our The Trampoline for Generations which was built to last and is hunter green in appearance.

Best bounce height - a true trampoline

when it comes time to buy one. It’s only been a little over a decade since the majority of trampolines have started including safety enclosures.