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Usually, we are able to commence and finish assembling a trampoline within 24 hours! Need something faster?Please let us know!

Gold's Gym Mini Trampoline With Durable Steel Frame Black

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  • This is a trampoline that is designed to be put into the ground. It is made of galvanized, powder coated steel frames, and stainless steel hardware. It has 120 galvanized springs that are 8.5”, which is larger than some . The jump surface is made of heavy duty polypropylene and it will resist UV rays for long term durability. The spring pad cover is extra wide and available in either blue or green. Total, the trampoline will weigh about 330 pounds and you will need a couple people to help you sink the assembled trampoline into the pit.

    • - - April 27, 2009 - -- Assembling a trampoline does not require any special tools; a woodblock and hammer could come in handy. However, we recommend wearing work gloves during assembly. The whole set-up process takes not more than 30-40 minutes.

  • Learning how to put a trampoline in the ground is not hard. Often, even the DIY type project is only a complicated process during the planning and digging stage. The rest of the assembly can mostly be completed within a couple hours. You simply plan out and dig your hole, set the already assembled trampoline into it, and put back some of the dirt to help support the trampoline. Please remember to dig a hole large enough so there’s a gap between the edge of the trampoline and the retaining wall. Without this gap the air will not be properly ventilated and the jumping surface will feel harder. This will lead to kids not being able to jump as high.

    Viewers are desperate to get their hands on their own Buster the dog since John Lewis' latest Xmas ad was unveiled. Meanwhile her father struggles to assemble a trampoline in the garden to surprise her on Christmas day and once it is up, Buster witnesses various woodland animals trying it out.

  • The number one way to increase the life of your trampoline is to disassemble it and store it out of the elements during the winter or during long periods of disuse. Most trampolines are not warranted against damage due to weather. You will also need to disassemble it if you are moving as transporting an assembled trampoline is dangerous and difficult. Using gloves during disassembly can help protect your hands from getting pinched. Have designated containers for storage/transport available, and keep the springs and net somewhere safe.

How to Assemble a Trampoline For Kids

You only need one tool to assemble the trampoline and that's included in the box for you, take out the instructions and read them through, identifying all the bits that the instructions refer too.