#1. Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar

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Bazoongi 48" Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar

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  • Rust-resistant galvanized frame adds bonus drilling and makes it a long-lasting part in your home. One of the most important features of Bazoongi Bouncer trampoline is that it is easy to assemble toprail system. Another feature is that handle can be adjusted easily to two different heights – 22″ and 25″. It allows you to use this trampoline more conveniently.

    We offer Bazoongi replacement nets, pads and mats. Nets are awesome because they allow the child to play on the trampoline without the danger of them flying off and falling on the hard ground. Pads will protect a child who hits the rim of the trampoline. The mat is the surface on which the child bounces. The mats are what makes a trampoline. To make sure that a child can use his or her Bazoongi trampoline safely for years, make sure that the trampoline is maintained with any replacement parts needed.

  • Bazoongi trampolines are made for kids. They are extra fun and extra safe. No matter how fun and safe a trampoline is, they will still eventually wear out and break. To keep these trampolines in perfect working order, sometimes replacement parts are needed. Replacing parts is far cheaper than buying a new trampoline and will keep the kids bouncing for hours.

    Keen to get the kids off the couch and outside having fun? Just bung a Bazoongi in the backyard. We put one in ours two years ago and we haven’t seen the kids since! Just kidding. But what we’re really trying to say is, Bazoongi trampolines are a total kid-magnet. And they’re really, really sturdy. And safe. How so, you may ask? Read on, concerned and loving parent, and find out how a Bazoongi trampoline could be the perfect choice for you.

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    ‘Yeah, yeah,’ we hear you say. ‘Your trampolines are bouncy. Trampolines are supposed to be bouncy.’ And yes, you’re right. But Bazoongi trampolines are even more bouncy. Or bouncier. Or however you say it. The point is, Bazoongi trampolines are over and under sprung, which makes them bouncier than just about any other tramp on the market. Let your kids give one a test-run in our or order yours online and take advantage of our iron-clad guarantee.

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Give your kids a fun jumping environment with this Bazoongi Kids Circus Trampoline Tent. It is made of polyester, which ensures strength and durability. It has a multi-colored circus style tent, which is visually appealing. It can be attached to a 7.5 foot Bazoongi Kids trampoline and is exclusively designed for model # BZJP7506. It is weather-resistant, which ensures it withstands all the elements. It features a zippered front entrance, which makes it easy to enter the trampoline. It has screen windows, which facilitate airflow. This Circus Trampoline Tent by Bazoongi Kids provides high clearance for jumping. It is perfect for outdoor use and you can place it in any corner of your backyard.