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14' BouncePro Trampoline & Enclosure & Electron Shooter Game

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  • If while shopping around for a family trampoline you have visited one of your local big box retailers, you have likely come across the Bounce Pro Trampoline. The Bounce Pro, also written as BouncePro Trampoline, is very popular amongst the physical retailers such as Wal Mart, Sams Club etc. This coupled with the fact that it is a competitively priced trampoline compared to some of the other on this site it makes it a trampoline that gets a lot of buzz.

    We should also mention that a particular model of the Bounce Pro Trampoline comes with a “Spinner Litez” option. This is an alternative option to the electron game which is offered on the model in this review. The Bounce Pro offers an excellent entry level trampoline for families, but again this is not intended for adults (especially heavier adults) to be jumping on it. Therefore, if you are purchasing this for children only this will do. In comparison to a Springfree trampoline, this is definitely not as safe, but it does offer excellent safety features for the price. The Enclosure as well as the will be sure to do its best at keeping your children on the trampoline and hopefully away from those springs.

  • The Bounce Pro Trampoline is for someone looking for an entry level trampoline suitable for children, yet offering “cool” bonus features. The materials used in this trampoline are not quite up to par when compared with a , but you should get many years of enjoyment out of this thing without breaking the bank! The bounce factor of the Bounce Pro is fair. You certainly are not going to get the most air time out of this trampoline, but then again it is meant for children who should not be going that high in the first place. In order to get more life out of your trampoline taking care of it in the winter time by storing it in a location that limits snowfall will help to prolong the life of the springs.

    This is by far the best investment we made in our backyard. The quality of it far surpasses anything we have seen anywhere! Glad to be re-ordering after almost 15 years!!! Thanks to Tim for the help in figuring what I needed for my 16 Mega Bounce Trampoline.

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    Just wanted to let you know how easy it was to order our 14′ Super Bounce trampoline via the internet. I was a little worried about ordering from BC and was sure something would go wrong…..

Sportspower BouncePro Trampoline

Bring on warmer weather and outdoor fun with the is on rollback today at Walmart for only $229 (was $267). The Spinner Flash Light Zone attaches easily underneath the jumping mat, creating extra play value for kids. The multi-colored lights flash and spin as kids jump. Your kids will love the smooth bouncing action of the BouncePro trampoline.