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Motor – All the pulling shock of bungee trampoline is created by this remote operated motor.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220 Bungee Rebounder - 39" Frame w/ Arched No-Tip Safety Legs - EnduroLast Cords Last 2X Longer - Best Seller for Home - Quiet, Smooth, Lively Bounce - Easy Assembly - Mini-Trampoline Workout DVD w/ Music

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    Everyone of our ride operators are fully trained, and experienced. Of course, you can’t be a bungee trampoline operator if you don’t love playing with kids.

  • Pedro’s Inn is the place to be this weekend! Toucan Bungee Trampoline is the first of its kind, and is being launched at Pedro’s. This mobile business is super new and exciting to the country, and those looking to try it out can swing by from Friday, August 31st to Sunday, September 2nd.

    Camp Lohikan's bungee trampoline is manufactured by Rebound Unlimited. For sales and more information about Rebound Unlimited's Bungee Trampoline contact them at

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    We have a bungee trampoline model for every application. The Single Station model is perfect for shopping malls and family fun centers. Want a classic 4-station design at a good value? Check out our X4 Auto Bungee model. It’s a great model for ski resorts, camps, start-ups, and even indoor facilities. Looking for the end-all-be-all for mobile operators?! Our Ultimate Bungee models setup in under 15 minutes shaving hours off the setup of traditional bungee trampolines. The V4 and V5 are nearly identical, with the obvious difference in capacity. Want a rock climbing wall with a 2-jumper on the back? Check out the V2 Combo.

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This Bungee Trampoline is built for use in play centers ect where opperaters have low celings and could not opperate our normale sized bungee trampoline .