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101 series competition trampoline. This trampoline has been certified for use at the very highest levels of trampolining.

Trampoline 16 Foot Medalist (Blue)

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  • The competitive gymnastic sport of has been part of the since 2000. On a modern competitive trampoline, a skilled athlete can bounce to a height of up to 10 metres (33 ft), performing multiple and twists. Trampolines also feature in the competitive sport of , a variant of , and , a variant of .

    The frame of a competitive trampoline is made of steel and can be made to fold up for transportation to competition venues. The trampoline bed is rectangular 4.28 by 2.14 metres (14 ft 1 in × 7 ft 0 in) in size fitted into the 5.05 by 2.91 metres (17 ft × 10 ft) frame with around 110 steel springs (the actual number may vary by manufacturer). The bed is made of a strong fabric, although this is not itself elastic; the elasticity is provided only by the springs. The fabric can be woven from webbing, which is the most commonly used material. However, in the 2007 World Championships held in , a bed (or two-string bed), woven from individual thin strings, was used. This type of bed gives a little extra height to the rebound.

  • As with competitive trampolines, recreational trampolines are usually made using coiled steel springs to provide the rebounding force, but also exist.

    Eurotramp trampolines are the chosen trampolines for many top athletes and coaches. The Eurotramp Premium Trampoline is among the finest in the Eurotramp competition trampoline series. The Premium design offers extra stability legs to offer the athlete an even higher standard of stability when jumping. The advantage of this design lies, among other things, in the fact that the trampolines are only slightly heavier than other models and yet still very easy to handle.

    Competition Mini Trampoline

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    Complete Competition Trampoline


    4*5mm webbed nylon webbing

    FIG approved, dimension 910*305*115cm,4*5mm nylon jumping bed, with safety tables. mats, and one pair lifting roller stands, double supports. 118springs

    Complete Competition Trampoline


    4*4mm webbed nylon webbing

    FIG approved, dimension 910*305*115cm,4*4mm nylon jumping bed, with safety tables. mats, and one pair lifting roller stands, double supports. 118springs

    Complete Competition Trampoline


    6*6mm webbed nylon webbing

    FIG approved, dimension 910*305*115cm,6*6mm nylon jumping bed, with safety tables. mats, and one pair lifting roller stands, double supports. 118springs

    This impressive state of the art piece of trampolining equipment has outstanding improvements in almost all important aspects: durability, usability, safety and stability. Tried and tested by many of the world´s best gymnasts and the friendly support of Rebound Products (Dave Ross), the Ultimate is a huge step forward in trampoline design. It was selected as competition trampoline for the , (Nov. 7-9) and Odense WC 2015.

10″ Competition Trampoline Spring

A complete competition trampoline consists of:
• 1 FIG certified trampoline, for example incl. 1 pair of
• 1 pair of safety platforms of type
• 1 pair of safety mats with wedge
• 1
• 4 (optional), recommended for inconvenient floor conditions

The safety platforms are secured by means of two bolts to the end of the trampoline; the safety mats are connected firmly with the frame of the safety platforms with the help of straps. Apart from safety platforms and safety mats, a spotting mat, for example the Spieth "Secura" spotting mat is prescribed for competitions. The use of stability plates is also recommended. Especially flexible sports hall floors stabilize the standing sturdiness of the trampoline and enable the gymnast to better control the jumps, which increases safety significantly.

The combination of trampoline, safety platforms and safety mats is certified by the International Gymnastics Federation FIG and prescribed for FIG trampoline competitions (Olympic Games, World and Continental Championships etc.).