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Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover Trampoline Injuries? Your policy may exclude any trampoline or

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  • If you just can’t resist your children’s plea for a trampoline, I highly recommend you check in with your independent insurance agent first. Independent agents represent many insurance companies, not just one, so they have an understanding of which carriers will or will not cover a trampoline. It sure beats researching all the different carriers yourself, and it definitely beats any unpleasant insurance surprises that might spring up from owning a trampoline.

    Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance covers your trampoline depends on the specific language of your policy. Chances are the terms fall into one of these categories:

  • While trampolines are undeniably fun, the number of people injured each year in trampoline accidents -- whether through attempting a dangerous trick, or by colliding with another jumper -- is pretty eye-opening. Not only can these kinds of injuries be serious, they can be costly as well, and many insurance companies do not want to foot the bill. Because of this, some homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover trampoline-related mishaps. In this article, we'll discuss some common issues that crop up when it comes to homeowner's insurance claims and trampoline injuries.

    Trampolines allowed as long as you follow safety requirements. Some insurance companies will cover your trampoline, and resulting injuries, as long as you abide by the safety precautions required by the policy. This might include sinking the trampoline so that the jumping surface is at ground level, or installing safety nets and pads around the perimeter.

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When choosing a cover, it is incredibly important that your cover fits. If it is too small it will not cover your trampoline properly and if its too big that means that there will be lots of gaps where rain and frost will seep in. To make sure you get the correct size we recommend looking at our which clearly and simply shows you the correct way to measure the size of your trampoline. Working out the dimensions of your trampoline will only take a minute and the only equipment you will need is a tape measure.