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Diggin Active Diggin Hoptop Trampoline

Diggin HopTop Trampoline by Diggin - bittopper

Diggin HopTop Trampoline

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  • This is a diggin hop hop trampoline that can be purchased at Toys R Us. I gave this toy a 2 as a critique because i believe that it is not suitable for the age limit that it is set at. The age limit for this is 12 months-5 years. I think that this item should not be for that young of an age. It only has one handle to hold onto and could be dangerous for a baby just learning to walk. However it looks like a lot of fun to play on!

    Diggin HopHop Trampoline is the best toddler trampoline. You will love seeing your child bounce off that unlimited energy! This is a great way to get your toddler active.

  • Diggin Hop Top TrampolineIdeal energy burner for kids 3+Solid construction with Stretch Tech suspension systemPadded mat for safe bouncingBounce...

    Diggin HopTop Trampoline

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    Diggin Active Hop Hop Trampoline-Pink
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