The largest, most expensive trampoline is the AJ 250 at $4,799.

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Stamina InTone Oval Fitness Trampoline

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  • Safest from all. And most expensive trampoline for recreational use!
    Springless trampolines are the safest as they don’t use any metal springs. It is several years old design introduced by New Zealand`s engineer . He discovered that large number of children were hospitalized and treated for injuries from trampoline.

    Although the most expensive trampoline may not necessarily be the best choice or the safest, it is wise to not sacrifice quality in materials, design and construction to save money. There are several middle priced brands and models that will provide as good of performance and safety as some of the pricier versions of virtually the same thing. Avoid cut rate budget trampolines that may be constructed of inferior materials or shoddy workmanship.

  • Springless square trampoline made by SpringFree Inc. is fantastic but expensive trampoline which will blow your mind in all aspects – from safety features to bounciness. With total of 155 square foot of available jumping space, you and your children will definitely find a way to use this trampoline to it`s limits, no matter if you`re jumping, fitness sessions or trampoline games is what you enjoy.

    Price is a top priority for all of us. But…if you are looking for the ‘Cadillac’ of large backyard trampolines, and money is no object, then take a look at the . In our research, this proved to be one of the most expensive trampolines, costing about $2,000.

  • For the parents out there, this is by far the safest trampoline on the market. Boasting no springs, flexible response enclosure and a durable base construction makes this a no brainer for those who like the best of the best. However, that does not come without a big price tag. This trampoline happens to be one of our top picks, but it also happens to be one of the more expensive trampolines. →

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7 considerations before buying a trampoline online - Trampolines of our own web and warehouse brand and also the full vuly trampoline brand, thunders', vuly 2s' and classics'. many consumers believe the biggest and the most expensive trampoline is best, this thought really can blind people from the.