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15ft SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat with 96 v-rings (Fits 7" Springs) compatible with Bounce Pro and others

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  • Jump into fitness with our 200 series! Our exclusive line of JumpSport® Fitness Trampolines brings jumpers to new heights of enjoyment and fitness. Unlike mass market rebounders, our mini-trampolines have a high quality smooth bounce coupled with an elegant stable frame that allows for more creative rebounder workouts.

    Originally created for our professional clients, the silver 300 Series has upgraded materials and adjustable firmness settings. This adds more bounce-ability making the JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline's 300 series a home user's favorite! If you are looking for durability and added variety to your workout, these gym quality trampolines offer the best value for your dollar. For personal trainers and gyms, adding the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline increases small group participation, brings boot camp versatility and range to aerobic exercise... and they're stackable!

  • Workout like a PRO! Either at home or in the gym, the charcoal gold JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline PRO line brings the bouncer and the trainer new heart pounding possibilities. Built with commercial grade materials, our PRO line offers larger sizes, and a variety of configurations (including our most popular folding model the 550f). These trampolines have thicker elastic cords and more of them increasing the durability and longevity of our now famous high quality smooth bounce.

    As for the fitness trampoline, the is the best seller, it is durable, easy to keep, stack-able, easy to carry around and very suitable for . This type of fitness trampoline is also considered a heavy duty trampoline.

    Fitness Trampoline - 33 1/2'-Dia. Skirt Design
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  • Fitness Trampoline - 37'-Dia. Petal Design
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    There are so many benefits to trampolining; it’s a wonder not everybody is involved in bouncing back to health. Jesting aside it really is a great and fun way to get fit and it has lots of other benefits too.
    One of the lesser known but more popular facts is that studies have shown that the activity of trampolining is one of the most beneficial methods to genuinely reduce cellulite. YourDoc comments: See the separate article on cellulite if you want to know more.
    So, surprising as it sounds, trampolining is a form of exercise which is better for you than running and many other forms of exercise and it can also be done in your own home. Before you mums and dads rush out into the garden to your children’s trampoline – you can use this or there are specially designed mini trampolines or rebounders which you can also buy and you do not need to share with your four and seven year olds.

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“ Exactly what I was hoping for. Net fits my trampoline perfectly. Kids love it and am glad you were able to provide the enclosure. Thank you so much. I now have my piece of mind that kids can now jump on the trampoline and still be safe. "