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Bazoongi 48" Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar

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  • Choosing your trampoline is easy. Firstly, Leapfrog supply trampolines in four sizes, allowing you to tailor your choice to suit your garden space. Unusually, each size is available in three variations graded silver, gold and platinum according to their set-up, strength and flexibility; this means each variation is suited to a different budget and age of user.

    Once you have chosen your ideal size, you simply have to consider the kind of use you require from your trampoline, and the kind of person who will be using it. Put simply, the tension applied to the jump mat varies according to the number of springs used in the trampoline’s construction. If fewer springs are used, the mat is less taut, making it easier for young or small users but removing some of the ‘bounce’ for older or heavier users. Each leapfrog trampoline- whether 8ft, 10ft, 12ft or 14ft- is therefore offered with three different set-ups based on the number of springs used. The two ‘junior’ models in each category, silver and gold, feature 1.6mm steel frames capable of supporting up to 19 stone in weight. The platinum versions of each trampoline use a more robust 2mm frame which will carry up to 24 stone. As might be expected, each silver version is built with the fewest springs, and is therefore better suited to junior users.

  • The platinum models, with the most springs, are recommended for older or heavier users, with gold options, in between, providing a general-purpose trampoline which is neither one extreme nor the other. There are many great features which you can expect to find on all leapfrog trampoline products. All are supplied with the same high-quality galvanised steel frames and responsive springs, and come with durable jump mats, widened foam safety padding and a safety enclosure to protect users from injury. All leapfrog trampolines are also offered with free weatherproof covers, spring tensioning tools and ladders; and in addition you get a with any purchase from the leapfrog range for twice the outdoor fun. Reasonably priced and with a version to suit everyone, leapfrog trampolines will provide hours of play for all the family!

    The steel structure of a Jumping Frog trampoline has a regular hexagon shape with 133cm diagonally. The bar is screwed in the construction while the trampoline is mounted with the use of rubber lines. Total mass is less than 12kg. The maximum load on a single trampoline is 120kg. Designed and built by specialists. We provide high quality materials, constant control over the production process and attention to the smallest details.


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    Mini Trampoline

    GOLD`S GYM Mini Trampoline (G7590)

    The Jumping Frog trampoline is equipped with bars which allow mounting expanders. Three fastening points: one at the front and two on each sides thanks to which the classes can be expanded and the number of exercises increased.

Frame pads to fit the Supertramp Frog Trampoline

Score points by bouncing frog beanbags off the trampoline and onto the lily pad targets. Every time your frog lands on a lily pad, you earn points. The higher the point value on the lily pad, the better chance you have to win. While children are having fun playing this active game, they practice counting and adding numbers. Contents: 1 frog trampoline, 6 lily pads, 6 beanbag frogs, game rules.