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Yes, I said, girls on trampolines

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CeeLo Body-Painted Girls on Trampoline That's How I Throw a Grammy Party

The Man Show: Girls on Trampolines

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  • Oh boy here we go!! Summer time fun!! Girls in bikinis!! Girls on trampolines!!...need I say more?? A fun day at our annual adult pool party always leads to girls jumping on the trampoline...flips and fun:)) Hold my beer and watch this!!;)) Give me a THUMB's UP if you like and share...it helps to keep me making more vids...thanks:))

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    A fun day in Florida is never far away when you have hot girls, jumping and trampolines. The good thing about living in Florida is you can see girls jumping on trampolines almost year round...and as typical in the sunshine state girls in bikinis is not uncommon.

  • This release comes from the popular concluding act of every episode. At the end of each episode, we get to see a few lovely girls jumping on trampolines in skimpy clothing. So what's not to love about that? Well, I suppose if you don't really like the idea of ogling certain regions of the female form, the appeal will be lost upon you. Well, if you ask me, it's a great idea. Unfortunately, I can't say as much for . It's fun for the first few minutes, but after that, it's less than exciting.

    The DVD claims a runtime of ninety minutes. Of course, there's almost forty-four minutes of footage. Even with extras we don't even get close to that claimed ninety minutes. I didn't necessarily consider it a bad thing, because I don't know if I could have sat through an additional forty-six minutes of this crap. The bottom line is that this title can be a hoot for the first few minutes, but it gets old and annoying far too quickly. At a MSRP of $9.98, I think this could be a great gag gift for a friend, but I wouldn't rush out to pick it up for yourself. While the appeal of girls jumping on trampolines is addressed and presented fairly well, there are just too many other things about this release that leave it feeling awful.

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    The Man Show simultaneously celebrated and lampooned the stereotypical loutish male perspective in a sexually charged, humorous light. The show consisted of a variety of pre-recorded comedy sketches and live in-studio events, usually requiring audience participation. The Man Show is particularly well-known for its "Girls on Trampolines" segment.

girls on trampolines distractsothers

I was sorely disappointed with this release. I was expecting a mix of comical intros and outros, as well as girls jumping on trampolines. Fortunately, the latter was present. However, the annoying audio (music and vocals) really made it difficult to sit through. Sure you can turn off the sound and enjoy it, but really how long can you sit through topless girls jumping on trampolines? Surprisingly, it gets really boring fast. Finally, promising twice as much content and not producing it makes me feel cheated. The bottom line is that this release isn't as exciting as I hoped it would be. With such a low MSRP if $9.98 you can't go wrong if you pick it up. However, I urge caution. It's a good gag gift, but not something I'd expect to watch over and over again.