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Stamina® InTone Plus 38

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

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  • When I was looking into mini trampolines I was having a hard time understanding what each one had to offer so I will try to clarify some things I came across in questions and reviews.

    I really like this Stamina InTone oval trampoline Jogger. The oval shape really give more foot room allowing for a wider range of exercises than a round one. Great product! Don't hesitate to purchase if you are in the market. Oh, the oval shape is perfect! The bounce is perfect for working out. You do not bounce high, which is what you want in a workout trampoline. However I do low impact with them. The accompanying DVD is a pretty good workout. Never thought of doing crunches on the tramp!

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    The stabling bar I like however it does make a clink noise when I jump/jog a little electrical tape will do the trick to make it stop. (it suggest 2 people for initial set up). All your weight is concentrated in the middle. It is fun to jump on and really gives me a good wourout without fear of hurting my already existing injuries!

    This Stamina InTone Oval Jogger is a good size and so sturdy! It's been a long winter in Wisconsin, and this jogger has been a nice way for all of us to continue to get some exercise when we can't get outside. The other review made me buy this so I am so grateful the person took the time to write a review. It comes with different exercise positions as well. I am in love. I would def recommend :)

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  • This 38'' diameter x 9 meter high rugged steel frame construction has an excellent polypropylene rebounding surface and a padded handlebar to make your exercises easier and effective. This device is affordable, compact and a sporty way to get low impact aerobic exercises at home or outdoor. This InTone Jogger trampoline features in toning your legs and abs, buttocks and back, increases the metabolism in the body and helps in a cardiovascular fitness. Such aspects livens up your spirit and creates fresh energy in you. The InTone Jogger adds a different flavor to your usual boring aerobic exercises and you can even release the handlebar, if you wish to bounce on the mat. Using this device effective results are seen in a few weeks.

Stamina InTone Plus 38 Inch Rebounder Trampoline