Nude girls jumping on trampolines

Blanchard, 18, suffered a serious neck injury while jumping on a trampoline on Oct. 31.

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop, Blue, 12-Feet

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  • Here are a couple of wild foxes jumping on my trampoline. They were having lots of fun! ^_^ Enjoy~!

    BTW! I live in Colorado. YES, they are wild foxes... who lived in my backyard for a summer. I never saw them do this again, and never saw them again after the summer was over.

    More cute-----

    Thank you! :)

    While selecting and installing appropriate size of trampoline you most keep in mind any power chords, trees and other hazards things that can harm you while jumping on trampoline.

  • As an example, lets pretend that your child likes jumping on the trampoline, singing songs, blowing bubbles and playing with balls…

    So the next time they’re jumping on the trampoline… rather than simply jumping, try singing a song or blowing some bubbles whilst they are jumping, or put a few small balls on the trampoline and watch them bounce everywhere as they jump! You could even try just adding one ball at first, then adding more as they adjust to the new experience.

  • By introducing new things in this way they can focus on the new experience (the songs, bubbles or balls) while being comforted by the familiar and motivating sensation of jumping on the trampoline. This technique can be applied to just about anything your child likes to do. You’re only limited by your imagination!

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the trampoline photoshoot extravaganza that took place was a blast. This is three separate pictures of my siblings jumping on the trampoline compiled together in photoshop