JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Shipping Information:

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Shipping Information:

JumpSport SureStep 3-Step Trampoline Ladder

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  • Embrace the most fun, effective way to feel weightless and go weightless. Introducing the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, the next generation of fitness equipment from the leading innovators in the trampoline industry. This revolutionary fitness trampoline provides a comfortable way to feel energized while bringing every muscle in your body to life. It's bouncy. Like, I'm so happy. There's no noise, and the pressure on my knees is gone. I've never worked my abs so hard in my life. I think I'd use it every day. A NASA study found "the magnitude of biomechanical stimuli is greater when jumping on a trampoline than with running." Bouncing also helps lymphatic circulation, improves energy, overall health, and wellness. The trampoline is both quiet and convenient. The engineers at JumpSport designed a product with a smooth bounce to reduce stress on your joints, thanks to the springless Endurolast cord system, patented, adjustable tension, FlexBounce technology, and arched legs that provide stability and stack ability. Every fitness trampoline comes with a basic workout DVD to get you started, and Jump Sport's ongoing fitness video series will help you stay committed to better health. Offering unparalleled training opportunities, the fitness trampoline improved balance, accelerates weight loss, and can detox your entire body. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, where Fitness meets fun.

    JumpSport Trampolines are one of the top selling trampoline companies in the world. With a number of trampolines to choose from in the Classic and Elite lines, coming in all sizes and shapes(circle, rectangle), and all made with time tested quality materials. You can bet you will find a trampoline that not only your kids will love but so will your bank account!

  • The Most Popular 14ft JumpSport Trampoline!
    With our patented StagedBounce™ technology, 50% of the springs engage immediately, 50% engage a fraction of a second later making the trampoline mat safer, more forgiving, for a low-impact workout with a great bounce.

    JumpSport offers several trampoline systems to give you the best bounce for your budget. Here is a quick overview of the JumpSport Classic Trampolines. This tramploine line offers a Strong galvanized patented Sure-Lok System and a patented exterior mounted enclosure net. Choose from one of JumpSports three bounce systems.

    14' JumpSport Trampoline Parts

  • 14' JumpSport Trampoline Parts

    Looking to take your trampoline experience to the next level? Take a look at the JumpSport Elite trampoline system with it's stronger galvanized patented Sure-Lok System, integrated enclosure poles, thicker padding and an interior mounted net. The Elite trampoline line offers StagedBounce and PowerBounce options.

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I wrote a the other day so if you want to see a lot of pictures of my adorable 3 year old helping Daddy put it together and a precious video of him enjoying it for the first time, you can read the review post. While Jaxon is still enjoying it and even my older 2 kids have started to enjoy it a little. I now get the opportunity to give one lucky reader of Eighty MPH Mom a JumpSport iBounce trampoline of their own!