Hello Kitty Trampoline AHBX30840_Trampoline_Slimming_Fitness_Mesuca

Kitty Trampoline Mug by HouseMouseDesigns

Pure Fun Kids Jumper: 38" Kitty Cat Mini Trampoline with Handrail, Youth Ages 4 to 10

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  • Also, if you’re their human, your body is magically transformed into a cat jungle gym. This could mean using your butt as a kitty trampoline, climbing on your shoulders as you pee, and nestling into the crook of your knees for a nap. They don’t care how fat, skinny, or lumpy your body is…they love you anyway.

    The reason they call it the Web is that it catches more flies-by-night than the aluminum siding business. Some image, poignant in its charisma or its grotesquerie, captivates the public imagination and suddenly millions of otherwise productive citizens must stop whatever they are doing and see the kitty trampoline unto the roof or the pea which sprouted in a man’s lung. Some of these buzz arts are followed by buzzards, as 30-year careers are crushed by 30 seconds of crassness. This week’s target was Sarah Palin, the former governess of Alaska, if that’s the correct way to say female governor.

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