This is a medium size trampoline perfect for families of all sizes

Medium Round Trampoline | The Recreation Station

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  • The Classic-120 is JumpFlex’s medium size trampoline,
    measuring 3.7 m in diameter the Classic-120 is a great
    all-rounder for size and price.

    Small and medium size trampoline dealers businesses can compete and even outperform larger competitors. All it takes is the right marketing plan.

  • This is a medium size trampoline perfect for families of all sizes. Its sized is large enough to provide enjoyment for your children as well as all of their friends.

    Our trampolines are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards that meet International quality and safety standards. With a jumping mat made in the United States we are completely confident with the quality of our trampolines and provide a 12 month parts replacement warranty.

    All our trampolines come with an enclosure consisting of heavy duty nets that increase safety when jumping in addition to prevent unsupervised access to the trampoline. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our safety nets are designed with ground fixed poles, increasing stability and durability.

    Fully Padded: Our Pads are custom made designed to cover the trampoline springs entirely making the trampoline fully safe.

    USA Mat UV resistant PP material: USA Mats are regarded as the best trampoline mats on the market. Our trampolines meet both International and Australian quality and safety standards.

    Again, the first consideration will always be the size of your backyard. It’s a little bigger than the eight to ten footers but is still smaller than the bigger sized trampolines. Most people would call this a medium sized trampoline.

  • If your not sure what size trampoline to buy to fit your garden then buy the Big Air Universal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure as its a medium sized trampoline that fits most standard sized gardens.

The medium oval trampoline is perfect for narrow backyards