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Not a Trampoline

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  • It is becoming increasingly popular to install your trampoline in the garden at ground level by sinking it into the ground. This has a number of advantages, firstly a sunken trampoline is less visible so will be less obvious and will not spoil the look of your garden as much as it might do otherwise. Also, with a sunken trampoline you do not need a trampoline safety enclosure, which can look unslightly and saves money too. Secondly, there is less distance for people to fall off a sunken trampoline and injure themselves and thirdly younger children can play on the sunken trampoline without needing assistance in getting on it and with less risk of them falling off. Fourthly, you will not need to move the trampoline at intervals to avoid damage to the grass underneath or when cutting the grass.

    “It’s not like a trampoline in your backyard and everybody does expect that when they come here, it is literally wall to wall trampolines,” Bremner said. “We have many other features at the park as well. We have ninja courses, we have jump pits, we have dodgeball on trampolines.”

  • You see, “Not A Trampoline” is also the name of Rob’s upcoming solo album. He announced it today on . And while many of you have already heard this news, your ol’ pal Coz has been locked up in an office, unable to write this post up for your consumption. Regardless, yes, Rob has an album coming out on April 14th, 2014 and you can pre-order it at .

    My name is Larry Dunn from Dallas Texas and I have a deep passion and love for trampoline.
    With many years of experience in the field of healthcare service, I has decided to start his own website which is about trampoline.
    With this website, I will share his experiences and expertise advices on different factors to consider when deciding whether or not a trampoline is safe for you and your family.

    USAASTM F389-14Covers the components, assembly, and use of consumer trampolines. It is intended to reduce the risks associated with the use of trampolines at home.
    USAASTM F2225 - 013Covers the performance and safety requirements for trampoline enclosures and addresses the manufacturing and assembly of components, maintenance and use.
    USAASTM F2774-09Covers standard practice for testing the quality of consumer trampoline mat material.
    EuropeEN 13219:2008Specifies functional and basic safety requirements for the use of gymnastic trampolines.
    EuropeEN 71-14Aims to reduce those hazards that may not be evident to users; This standard does not cover inherent hazards that should be obvious to consumers.
    AustraliaAS4989-2006Covers minimum acceptable design standards and consumer information requirements. This standard is not mandatory and trampolines for sale in this region are not required to be compliant. This standard is currently under revision.

  • Note that a trampoline is mostly addressed to kids, but there is no rule, no law anywhere saying that adults cannot enjoy a good time. Well, maybe a weight a limit can apply, but it really depends on the trampoline and how it was built.

Springfree ® Trampoline USA - The Smart Trampoline

This model provides a way for your kids to relax and enjoy themselves without getting hurt. The spring cover and protective nets are the features that keep them safe and secured from falling off the trampoline. From customers review on Amazon, it is worthy to note that assembling this trampoline is a breeze. With the instructional manual provided, it shouldn’t take you too much time to put it together. It is advisable to look for someone to assist you and set it up even faster.