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  • It is easy for consumers to confuse water trampolines and , as they both essentially perform the same function. However, there are some key differences between the two.

    Several different manufacturers make water trampolines, each with their own components. trampolines feature their signature blue, yellow, and white color scheme and octagonal shape. Island Hopper offers bright yellow trampolines with blue and red accents, and a turtle-shaped trampoline complete with inflated arms and legs. Sports has a wide selection of water trampolines including their Northwood Aqua Jump Eclipse that accommodates larger accessories.

  • How to anchor water trampolines? - Water trampolines can be anchored with an anchor, some bungee cords and some rope. You will want to secure anchors where you would like to drop them from the side of the trampoline. Securing the rope the anchor will be dropped with to a bungee which secures to the actual trampoline you will have some give when the waves and water come crashing in. Simply drop the anchors and have a secure water trampoline. Anchor weight is going to vary based on your water trampoline and can be anywhere between 60-200 lbs.

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