This low impact treadmill also has trampoline exercise benefits.

Takes the shock out of running and walking

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  • "The Orbiter Trampoline Treadmill is great for Walking, jogging, and running exercise can often be pain free on an Orbiter.

    This Treadmill Has been cleared through our Biomed Department and is on a pallet fully Packaged and ready for shipment.

    Even those with arthritis pain,back pain, knee pain,or recovering injury may be able to exercise freely again on an Orbiter trampoline treadmill.

    Physical therapists use Orbiters to treat knee injury, back pain arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, ACL, and much more, since 1989

    Low Impact Orbiter Trampoline sreadmill is flexible, yet stable and secure It has leading treadmill technology surface suspended over air

    Higher Calorie Burning Exercise
    A New Experience in Walking and Running
    Wear Shoes or Go Barefoot
    Trampoline Exercise - Multiple Benefits"

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