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Our ‘7x10 with the Lot’ is a complete rectangle trampoline package.

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  • Neither of these are better than the other. Your personal preferences should be the main thing you think about. You should also pay close attention to the reviews you find on any rectangular trampoline. It’s always good to discover whether others have had issues with their rectangle trampoline that you are considering.

    Safe jumping is always a concern when it comes to trampolines, regardless of their size. However, with the fact that rectangle shaped trampolines give more bounce and less control over where the jumper may land, it is a good idea to allow only one jumper at a time onto the mat. A round trampoline that keeps everyone in the center is perhaps better if you have multiple children that will want to play at one time.

  • Round trampolines are very recreational and lots of fun. Lots of novice bouncers always start off with round trampolines, because they’re more inexpensive and more common. Round trampoline bounces are different from rectangle trampolines because of the center gravity point. Anytime when there is tension on the mat, all the springs will stretch and pull, gravitating the jumper back to the center.

    Choosing the right trampoline size can get very tricky. The right trampoline will depend on budget, age/size of users, multiple users, yard size and purpose of trampoline usage. With budget, the smaller the trampoline, the cheaper the price. Yard size can dictate the trampoline size, but if budget isn’t an issue, go with the rectangle trampoline. Rectangle trampolines are much easier to fit in tight corners.

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  • 7' x 12' Rectangle Trampoline Mat With 76 RingsList Price: $239.00OUR PRICE $169.00

    For more information on how to know if it is a great rectangle trampoline or not, perhaps you should consider the trampolines that other people have used. Here are three popular rectangle trampolines that users have expressed an overall satisfaction with and hopefully this will save you time in your research.

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One of the main reasons to buy a square trampoline vs rectangular trampoline is size of your back-yard. Square trampolines are great because of the symetric design they do not waste much space and are most often used near corners or obstacles.
Square trampolines are available in variety of sizes, so you should not have problems choosing size that fits your needs and your backyard!