We offer three different rectangular trampoline models:

9ft x 15ft rectangle trampoline and enclosure system

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure with Green Spring Pad, 8 X 14-Feet

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  • Why Choose Trampoline Jumpers
    1. Thickest Frames: Trampoline Jumpers has the thickest frames. The walls of our rectangular trampoline frames are 3.0mm. While our round trampolines have 2.0mm wall thicknesses. If you don’t believe us, just compare the total shipping weight of our trampolines to our competitors’.
    2. Heaviest Jumping Weight Capacity: The jumping weight capacity on our RECTANGULAR trampolines are 550 lbs. The jumping weight capacity on our competitors’ rectangular trampoline are only 300lbs. The jumping weight capacity on our ROUND trampolines are 500-550 lbs. The jumping weight capacity on our competitors’ round trampolines are 250lbs.
    3. Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Springs: All of our frames and springs have a lifetime warranty.
    4. T-Joints for Stronger Frame Support: All of our frames have are t-jointed, because t-joints give the frame stronger support. Frames welded at the joint will, through extensive jumping and vibration, will eventually crack.
    5. Super Heavy-Duty Springs: We’re able to use super heavy-duty springs because our frames are so thick and strong. Super heavy-duty springs will provide a better and more responsive bounce.
    6. Excellent customer service and product specialists to answer all your questions.

    Rectangle trampolines provide the best bounce of any trampoline shape and are preferred by those in gymnastics. Due to the shape of the rectangle, the springs work independently creating an even, and controlled takeoff and landing regardless of a jumper’s position on the trampoline mat. Skywalker Trampolines rectangles also boast an extra thick 12-gauge steel trampoline frame, providing a very sturdy bounce. With the longer side to side jumping surface and strategically placed springs, the Skywalker Trampolines rectangle provides added bounce and fun!
    To view our assortment of different shapes and sizes, visit our website .

  • Spacious 15' Rectangular Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure
    It is a rectangular trampoline that has got a fiber flex enclosure that is made of heavy duty black-coated steel. It is safe and great for kids and adults. It adds fun to any outdoor space.

    Square trampolines, as all other trampolines, are measured from frame side to frame side. However, square trampolines boast a much longer corner to corner measurement than any other shape. In fact, square trampolines provide over 20% more jumping space on average than a round trampoline of equal size because you can utilize the corners of the jumping mat, nonexistent on a round or oval trampoline. As most squares have a higher gauge of steel, they typically have a higher weight limit. A recent innovation by Skywalker Trampolines combines the structural stability of a round trampoline with the greater jumping surface of a square trampoline. By slightly rounding the corners of square trampolines, we provide the perfect trampoline for those looking for a large jumping space, great performance and stability, and an affordable cost. The square tends to provide more bounce than a typical round or oval trampoline but less than a typical rectangle trampoline which makes it perfect for all users. Also, the square shape makes yard placement easy with less wasted yard space.

    10x17 Galvanized Rectangle TrampolineOUR PRICE $1,598.00

  • 10'x17' Rectangle Trampoline ( 7x14 Jumping Area)OUR PRICE $1,844.00

    Spacious 14' Rectangular Trampoline & Fiber Flex Enclosure
    If you're looking for a great and original way to entertain yourself and your family, check out this unique trampoline! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of fun together with a physical and mental energy.

Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure - Blue at a great price.

Our JumpSport StagedBounce 10 x 17 Rectangular Trampoline is ideally suited for situations where space is at a premium. Its narrow profile makes it a good choice for side yard installations. The rectangular shape is preferred by some gymnasts to simulate their training environment. Whatever your reason the sturdy design of the StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline will provide years of jumping pleasure.