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  • The Springfree Trampoline offers a softer bounce smoother bounce, and doesn’t produce the jarring effect of traditional, spring based trampolines. The fibreglass rods deliver a performance superior to springs and one that is a lot gentler on knees and joints. Each of our models is designed for slightly different weights and usages. Our model selector should help select the trampoline that will provide the best rebound for your families average weights.

    Spring based trampolines are exactly what name says – trampolines based on galvanized metal springs. They maybe are not as safe as spring-free trampolines but for a price several times lower this is not their main requirement. Also, if we are concerned about safety of jumpers then we have a lot of other elements to watch on, like trampoline pads, enclosure and last – education of trampoline jumpers.

  • Spring based trampolines can come in several shapes – round, oval and rectangular in many common sizes. In all of them there is a big difference in experiencing the bounce.

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