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Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

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  • The Stamina folding trampoline uses a thinner steel frame than the higher-end contenders on our shortlist, but we feel it is just as sturdy. Five steel legs screw into the main frame, and we have found that a five-legged mini trampoline can be very stable. (Four-legged support often creates tipping points, but the additional leg prevents such accidents while mounting or dismounting.) The legs are capped with black rubber tips that help reduce sliding and scuffing on hardwood floors. We would still recommend the use of a rubberized mat or small throw rug if the Stamina is to be be used on non-carpeted flooring.

    Durability is a serious consideration for this product. The Stamina uses elastic fabric straps instead of metal springs, and the mat is not especially rugged compared to higher-end models. Broken strapping can be replaced, but some users say that if more than three straps become damaged, the entire unit becomes unsafe. We believe this is more of an issue for aggressive younger users and those who want to perform high-intensity workouts. Casual users report very few problems with the strapping or the mat surface. The elastic bands do cut down on the noise factor compared to metal springs, but they do not provide as much bounce as some users would prefer.

    Priced at only $35, the Stamina folding trampoline is definitely a good choice as a starter or budget mini trampoline. Many people are urged to start exercise programs for health or weight reasons, but their joints cannot tolerate high-impact routines like running or dance-based aerobics. The price point of the Stamina makes it easier for people to invest in a safe piece of experimental equipment before buying a more expensive mini trampoline/rebounder. Low-end mini trampolines often use metal springs that can be dangerous and aluminum frames that have diminished weight capacities. The Stamina features all-steel construction and quiet elastic straps similar to those found on higher-end rebounders.

  • The Stamina Folding Trampoline has a 36-inch diameter surface to jump on. Size is an important factor for trampolines. Various factors are taken into account. Family members, numbers of kids are reasons to decide the diameter. The diameter of this trampoline is useful for a safe and effective jump.

    The Stamina Folding Trampoline is very easy to put together. The instruction manual is easy to comprehend and provides a detailed description of the process. The trampoline is easy to assemble and de-assemble. Therefore, use this product to your advantage.

  • The Stamina Folding Mini Trampoline is a convenient and effective tool for achieving whole-body fitness in a fun and safe manner. Designed for easy storage and portability, this folding trampoline is perfect for use anywhere in the house. Rebounding is a great low-impact activity that builds muscle strength and improves cardiovascular functioning. Using a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system which protects the body from viruses and bacterial infection.

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