JumpSport ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set

Another fun way to play trampoline basketball is to find an indoor trampoline park in your area.

Jump Slammer, Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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  • The FroFlex Trampoline Basketball Set attached securely to our JumpSport Safety Enclosure. My husband put up the basketball goal within a few hours. The set includes backboard, cushioned hoop with Heavy-duty ProFlex hardware, and 5″ inflatable basketball. This is JumpSport’s most durable basketball set. It features 4 strong ProFlex springs where hoop mounts to backboard to withstand more vigorous play. My brother loves to play aggressively with this basketball goal so it’s nice that the ProFlex springs allow him to slam dunk the ball without damaging the backboard or hoop. The full size reinforced backboard was created for safe trampoline play.

    My family continues to enjoy the we received back in April of this year. All the children in our neighborhood love our trampoline, not only does it look beautiful but it’s the safest trampoline on the market today and it’s holding up nicely since assembled it over 8 months ago. I knew the next logical step would be to get the . The JumpSport ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Set is designed specifically for use with JumpSport Safety Enclosure and will not work with other brands of enclosures.

  • Trampoline Zone owner Rajiv Malhan visualizes making a basket in the trampoline basketball section at Trampoline Zone. [Oliver Lazenby photo | The BBJ]

    Owner Rajiv Malhan said the facility will have about 75 trampolines total. Trampolines are partitioned into several separate areas of the warehouse, including a section for trampoline dodgeball, a trampoline basketball area, a general jumping area, and an area with foam pits and a rope ladder.

  • Basketball – did you know that JumpSport also sells an amazing trampoline basketball hoop that hooks to the side of the safety enclosure? Whether you are playing one-on-one, playing H.O.R.S.E. or a game of Around The World, a basketball hoop adds another dimension of fun to your backyard and your trampoline.

Propel Trampolines Jump 'N' Jam Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Main Court. Our featured attraction is the huge central Main Court with thousands of square feet of trampoline surface installed flush with the floor and walls. Like trampoline basketball, participants are free to be as acrobatic and creative as they like, and are encouraged by admiring onlookers. This area is perfect for older jumpers who relish the physicality of the bounce.