Yes, he said “ trampoline cage ball ” in case you missed it.

9' x 14' Rectagon Magic Circle Trampoline with Cage:

Trampoline Enclosure Set, to fit 14 FT. Round Frames, for 3 or 6 W-Shaped Legs -Set Includes: Net, Poles & Hardware Only

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  • "Trampoline Cageball is super fun to watch! I love how it sparks the spirit of competitiveness. Not only is it entertaining to view but also a blast to play!"

    The opportunities for starting a business are many. Unlike other centers that require a staff and much upkeep Trampoline Cageball will generate a good profit with one employee manning the center. No expensive equipment to replace after initial investment. The units can be setup either inside or outside and played day or night. Unused racquetball courts, Youth camps, College campuses, Fitness centers, Schools, Party rentals, Cruise ships, Rehabilitation centers, Gymnasium, Retail locations.

  • "I'm just a beginner and can hardly make a shot but I love it! The bouncing makes me laugh as does trying to stay on my feet when my opponent is jumping. After playing Trampoline Cageball, I can hardly catch my breath but my endorphins are sky high! "

    When you need a last-minute activity for the whole family, Murrieta's Trampoline Cageball & Climbing Gym, CA has you covered. This place is a place you'll love to visit, so don't wait around, give them a call today!

  • At Trampoline Cageball & Climbing Gym, visitors build strength, endurance, and awareness while participating in contact-free competition on several obstacle courses and inside innovative sports arenas. The facility's namesake, trampoline cageball, places participants in a one-on-one contest on an enclosed, Olympic-size trampoline. Players can reach heights up to 14 feet in the air while attempting to toss a 20-ounce palmable ball into the opponent's hoop, in a game that unifies the basic concepts of basketball, volleyball, and moon ballet.

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In addition to burning calories and strengthening vestigial wings, visitors exercise total body musculature on obstacle courses such as the Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior challenges participants with varying routes on a 17-foot climbing wall and a ladder that requires significant upper body strength and a desire to impress potential mates in order to finish. Trampoline Cageball & Climbing Gym also provides free weights, slack lines, and climbing ropes.