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  • The trampoline cardio was a great change of pace from my normal running routine. I would love to come back once a month to shake things up a bit. It also helps to goof around with a great group of girls during the class.

    The provides entertainment and workout as well and the DVD included with the fitness trampoline takes cardiovascular training to a different level, too. The rebounding trampoline can successfully replace gym equipment and still offer the workout you need.

  • Long-time freelance personal trainer Jennifer Chalouhi, who recently brought trampoline fitness (she’s calling it trampoline cardio) to Dubai, explains why you need to try it.

    Even beginner level rebounding registers a high-level heart rate from a low-impact activity. A trampoline cardio workout also always comes with a cardio twist. If you are looking for a high dose of cardio we suggest trying Irene McCormick’s Cardio Core Express Trampoline Workout. It offers great interval training that is also low impact, giving you body the one-two punch it needs to kick start your metabolism.

    In just 10 minutes of bouncing on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline you can significantly increase your heart rate and lung capacity. As you bounce [rebound], you begin to improve the efficiency of the vital exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your bloodstream.

  • What is a trampoline cardio workout? In Greek, cardio, or kardia, means ‘heart.’ A cardio workout is simply one where the exercise increases your heart rate, which promotes deep breathing. Deep breathing strengthens your lungs in addition to improving your cardiovascular system. All that in one workout!


    I received my trampoline yesterday and wanted to thank you again! It is [definitely] a good workout and harder than it looks! Anybody who wants to burn fat must have one! Thanks again!!


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