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We've all seen the trampoline dunk acts during intermissions at basketball games.

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop, Green, 15-Feet

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    The Phoenix Suns mascot, The Gorilla, jumping off a trampoline and dunking a basketball is a fantastic sideshow and popular halftime attraction.

  • He has taken the simple trampoline jam and added the over the cactus slam and has teamed up with a team of athletes to perform at halftime. This has become so common that almost all teams have a trampoline dunking halftime show. The New Orleans Hornets are the host club of the French Quarter Flyers.

    Now that the professional stuff is out of the way there are some remarkable people performing stupefying stunts dunking a basketball with the use of a trampoline? The High Flying Trampoline Dunk Show and the Crazy Dunkers, performing out of France, are just a few examples of video on the Internet.

    Basketball: Origins and Modern Popularity of Youth and Adult Game

    Invented in 1891, basketball is a team sport traditionally played in a 5 vs. 5 match. Players on each team attempt to put a ball through a hoop to score points in multiples of 2. Successful shots from beyond a line of variable distance from the hoop (depending on rules and regulations) are worth 3 points. Since the regulation hoop is ten feet above the court, dunking is a near impossible feat for people without impressive vertical leaps. Basketball leagues often organize teams based on age group, so kids play with other children and adults are paired with other adults.




    When you want the vertical game of LeBron James but have the athleticism of Kevin James, Xtreme Air will send you into the stratosphere. Dunk on your dad, dunk on your kids, and dunk on your friends. Feel that? It’s called CRUSHING IT. Nowhere else in Appleton, Oshkosh or Green Bay can you put on a display worthy of taking your talents to Cleveland.

    Book a trampoline slam dunk contest at Xtreme Air and get ready to show off your high flying trampoline moves!

    • Trampoline basketball with acrobats doing dunks
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    The Crazy Dunkers have elevated this form of entertainment to a full-fledge 1 and half hour show combining basketball acrobatics and humor. They have appeared at the 2004 Athens Olympics and again in Beijing in 2008. Type trampoline dunking in the search of Google or Youtube and numerous video links are selected.

Trampoline Dunking in Slow Motion! - YouTube

If you've ever been to a NBA game, you've probably witnessed one of the trampoline dunk performances where a team of players performs high-flying, acrobatic dunks as in-game entertainment. It's easy to scoff and not be impressed, thinking anyone can dunk off a trampoline. That may be true if you're supremely athletic or gymnastically inclined.