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Trampoline Scooter Mini Video

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  • Teigan wonders if the theft is linked to a garage sale notice she had put up at a supermarket a fortnight previously but didn't include the date of the event. She says people could have come to the house thinking there was a garage sale and taken advantage of her absence to steal the trampoline and scooters.

    Filmed in one hour and is just some new learns. Subscribe for more trampoline scoot and other vids :) 2014-Ignore Tags-bike scooter freestyle 1260 540 hall of fame legsweep demons unicyle wheelchair jump bunny hop highest bunny hop air jump skate skateboard lol skill fail bowl hip whip tailwhip heelwhip power slide dakota kota schuetz spine rail box grind lipslide boardslide fingerwhip tuck-no tuck no hander pain jump iPhone jeremy mallott malott speed briwhip buttercup cliffhanger to whip flair flat ryan williams r willy triple review double backflip backflip out backflip whip backflip barwhip whipbar barspin bar bar late whip flat flair whip brendon smith brandon james lucky scooter parts scoot scooters district phoenix scooters mgp madd gear pro street park flat jon re

  • "I don't have the money to replace the scooters and the trampoline," Teigan says. But she can offer a small reward if the trampoline and scooters are returned.

    Me and Ryan decided to do a game of trampoline scooter and hear the results pretty fun we don't really have a local skate park now that we live out in the country of New Jersey but the traveling scooters always fun and we're going to build a ramp in our backyard
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