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Trampoline Jumping Skate

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  • Practice different sport tricks on the Upper Bounce® Trampoline Jumping Skate, which features slip-resistant fabric on the bottom and strong, flexible foam construction that provides shock absorption. Heavy-duty hook-and-loop foot straps offer an adjustable, comfortable fit.

    Protect your trampoline from damage with the Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Skate. This trampoline skate is made from premium-quality material, which makes it durable and light. It sports an exquisite black color that enhances its style-quotient. This trampoline skate prevents damage to the mat when your kids jump on it. The foot straps ensure the trampoline skate doesn’t slip off. It is ideal for snowboard and wakeboard practice. The Trampoline Jumping Skate from Upper Bounce is a handy accessory for trampoline users. It can be wiped clean to ensure easy maintenance and to keep it looking good for a long time.

  • My second trampoline skateboarding video. This one has some new tricks, and I have already learned many more since I filmed this so look out for more videos in the near future.

    Song: "I Looked at You" by The Doors

    Tricks landed in order of appearance:
    laserflip, switch laserflip, laserflip, kickflip, switch heelflip, switch kickflip, heelflip, hardflip, switch hardflip, kickflip nosegrab, varial kickflip bs 180 caveman, varial heelflip, switch varial heelflip, heelflip indy, kickflip nosegrab tailtap fingerflip, switch kickflip, bs heelflip, 360 flip, double heelflip, shove it, triple kickflip, 360 flip, bs heelflip, fs kickflip, switch kickflip tailgrab, heelflip indy, bs ollie north, fs kickflip, switch kickflip, varial kickflip, casper, 360 inward heelflip, switch double heelflip, switch double kickflip, double heelflip, double kickflip, varial heelflip sex change, fs 360 bigspin, 360 flip indy.

    With this new Upper Bounce innovative, unique, flexible, inexpensive and easy to use Trampoline Jumping Skate the only requirement is to have a trampoline. Just strap this board to your feet and start jumping! Practice different sports tricks or even invent new ones! Super lightweight with rounded edges protect your trampoline mat from damages. Slip Resistant fabric on the bottom and adjustable foot straps with heavy duty Hook and Loop connection keep you well secured while you bounce. The foam is flexible, strongand has great shock absorption. (Also great for snowboard and wakeboard practice). Get this Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Skate and you’re in for the bouncing experience of your life.

  • In this video from , check it out as he does some unusual tricks on the skateboard with a trampoline. After having been sick, Andrew explains that he’s not able to skate at full capacity, so along with Casey, they are “going to do some creative trampoline skateboard tricks.”

EDGE GO BIG GoPro™ Adapter Test - Trampoline Skateboarding - YouTube

Exercise and have fun at the same time with the Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Skate. It has slip-resistant fabric on the bottom and adjustable foot straps with convenient safety devices included. The trampoline skateboard keeps you well secured while you bounce. It has foam components so it is flexible, strong and absorbs shock with ease. This trampoline accessory is ideal for both snowboard and wake-board practice.