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Trampoline tent for next summer!

Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House, Multicolor, 15'

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  • A trampoline tent is an enclosure that covers your trampoline. It basically turns your trampoline into a tent. Kids will love to have their friends over for outside sleepovers. Being up off of the ground helps keep moisture and bugs off the kids. If you plan to have a lot of kids sleep over I would make sure they do not exceed the weight limit so you do not damage your trampoline mat. On those hot summer days the tent can also keep your kids out of the sun. Depending on their jumping ability they may not be able to jump as high due to the enclosure but they can still have fun.

    Some people would rather make a trampoline tent instead of buying one. This could be due to the cost of having to buy a trampoline. One simply way we’ve seen with round trampolines is by adding a parachute to the top of a trampoline. You ties the parachute ends to the poles on the trampoline. This will basically enclose the top of the trampoline and make it feel more like a tent. You could also due this a circular tarp.

  • You can purchase trampoline tents rather than make your own. Trampoline tents are available in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Perhaps the easiest way to explain what they are is to talk about some of the various types. Here are a few examples and reviews of the various tent styles that are available for your trampoline.

    Trampoline tents for kids can take trampoline fun to a whole new level. As a kid I loved trampolines, and my kids love them as well. They also love tents and forts, but what if you could combine them all? Well, with trampoline tents you can! Your kids can get have fun jumping around, playing spaceship, pretend camping, or having a clubhouse. Remember the Little Rascals and the Heman Woman Haters? My 7 year old loves the Little Rascals, but he will tell you he’s no Heman Woman Hater….guess I have a little Alfalfa on my hands.

    6' TENT - JumpKing (Shipping Included)List Price: $129.00OUR PRICE $99.00
    Circus Tent for the 7.5 ft. Bazoongi Jumppod TrampolineList Price: $139.95OUR PRICE $119.95
    Treehouse Tent for the 7.5 ft. Bazoongi Jumppod TrampolineList Price: $139.95OUR PRICE $119.95
    Treehouse Tent for a 15' Jump King ComboList Price: $159.00
    Rocket Trampoline Tent for 15' JumpKing ComboList Price: $159.00
    Vuly Thunder Trampoline TentOUR PRICE $270.00
    vuly2tentOUR PRICE $200.00

  • Rocket Trampoline Tent for 15' JumpKing ComboList Price: $159.00

    It seems at one time or another kids want to have a tree house or a fort, but trampoline tents make a great alternative if you don’t have a suitable tree or you’re a renter. We used to crawl under the trampoline and use it as a playhouse, but that’s dangerous. I never let my boys play under the trampoline, and boy did they get mad at me sometimes. It would have been great to have had a tent or canopy over their trampoline, there would definitely have been fewer tears.

JumpSport BigTop Trampoline Tent

My brother and sister and I did a fair amount of backyard camping when we were kids, but if we'd had one of these trampoline tents, it would've been impossible for our parents to get us in the house. In fact, if I had one now, I doubt I would sleep indoors.