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  • The Teachers Refresher course is a one day course covering aspects of both Part 1 and Part 2. The Trampoline Training School can also offer an Advanced Add on Module in Trampoline if required as well as offering Mentoring workshops and can set up courses to run at your venue to suit you and your needs.

    The Trampoline Training School offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for teachers, specifically for use in a school setting. Our education programme for teachers is very popular. All Tutors are fully trained and approved tutors of the Governing Body, and upon successful completion of the course, teachers receive certification from British Gymnastics (Governing Body).

  • The relationship between The Trampoline Training School and teachers/schools is one that will always be important. Supporting initiatives exist to allow this relationship to develop, and for club to school links to grow and evolve.

    Trampoline training is the best cross training technique to help you progress faster in wakeboarding, and a great way to get a head start on the season. Any Pro wake boarder will testify that practicing on a trampoline will give you the aerial awareness, and muscle memory needed for learning new inverts and spins. Pro rider Tim Keepers says, “You should try a new trick one hundred times on the trampoline before you try it behind the boat.” This approach to training will greatly reduce the learning and crashing time spent on each new trick.

    Trampoline training at Grand Park

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    Pro surfer Carissa Moore takes a trip to the YMCA gymnastics center in order to hone her awareness and aerial tricks.

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functional trampoline training with Everton Park personal trainers

Warm Up: Instructor Hanlon-Mascari warms her classes up and prepares them for “bouncing down” or “pushing down” by having them practice the move on the floor before bringing them to the trampoline. Since most people associate trampolines with the big backyard kinds where one jumps up high in the air, it is necessary to prepare both the body and the mind to create a new muscle memory pathway that associates trampoline fitness training with pushing down.