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Jump Slammer, Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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  • I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited to write this article. As a kid, doing cool trampoline tricks was part of the trampolining experience. Jumping up and down is fun, but gets old after time.

    This cool trampoline trick can increase the chance of injury. As a kid, I can remember being bounced extra high into the air and almost falling off the trampoline. Also, the extra bounce put a tremendous force on one’s knees. I can still remember my knees buckling a couple of times.

  • I used to be able to do a front flip on my trampoline but that was about it. This looks like fun! World's Best Trampoline Tricks! in 4k! Eurotramp - YouTube

    […] Making your trampoline an in-ground trampoline can sometimes be a rather difficult task. You must dig a sizeable hole in the ground so the trampoline is flush with soil. In addition, you must make sure that rain and weather will not cause the hole to erode to the point that the trampoline is buried underground. What if you want to move the trampoline at a later date? Get ready to start digging again! Making your trampoline an in-ground trampoline can certainly increase the safety rating of your trampoline, but it may take some work to do it right. Wanna learn some basic trampoline tricks? Jump here! […]

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    Admit it. Half the fun of having a trampoline is seeing how high you can bounce and what you may be able to do while in the air. A successful bounce that sends you higher into the air than you may have expected is probably the closest thing that most people will ever get to flying. It is a sensation that may only last a second, but your satisfaction will last much longer. That is why there are so many people attempting to do tricks and other cool things on their trampoline. Many may think they need a or maybe even an , but this is simply not the case. It does not matter whether they simply bounce up and land on their bottom only to bounce up and land back onto their feet or if they have mastered the skill of back flipping mid-bounce. The joy of accomplishment is still the same. If you want to try a few new tricks to impress yourself or your friends, here are a few trampoline tricks for you to try.

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In this incredible video, aptly called World’s Best Trampoline Tricks, acrobatic gymnast Greg Roe and show us what is possible when you combine the power of the trampoline with the precision and strength of an athlete.