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  • Before you run out to purchase your new trampoline, ask yourself how much weight will it need to hold in a couple years? This will help you to determine the trampoline weight limit you are looking for. Then you will want to look at user reviews and the trampoline specs to discover how much weight can a trampoline hold. By doing these two things, you will be able to eliminate all of your concerns about the trampoline weight limit on the one you are looking at.

    Safety and durability are the two most important features to consider when shopping for the right trampoline. The right trampoline can be a lifetime investment. A weak trampoline frame and/or frame that’s not fully galvanized might last 1-2 years. A thick and sturdy trampoline, with proper galvanization could last a lifetime. It’s always difficult for parents to prevent multiple kids from jumping on the trampoline at the same time, so make sure the trampoline frame is strong, durable and fully galvanized both inside and out. Stronger frames will never break, bend or warp with excess weight or usage. If you’re comparing competitor trampoline thickness and quality, and want to confirm which trampoline has the stronger frame and higher user weight limit, ask the company for the trampoline shipping weight. Assume that the trampoline with the higher shipping weight should have the stronger, thicker and more durable frame.

  • A kid’s trampoline such as the is designed for children who are between 3 and 10 years old. This means that it most likely has a weight limit of less than 100 pounds on it. If you take a look at the adult trampolines or even the , you can safely put up to on it without worry about your safety or the safety of the kids you care about. The trampoline weight limit is all about the way it is put together and if you have kids that are growing up quickly, a trampoline with higher weight limits is probably going to be your best bet.

    Amazon is the top seller of these units. I don’t know that for sure, its just based on my intuition and knowledge of the trampoline market. I do know that prices are unbeatable. It must be because of the volume they sell. An indicator of how many Skywalkers they sell is the . Right now you can get the Skywalker with free shipping, which is a big plus because trampolines weigh a lot.

  • Trampolines are great toys for the outdoor zone. Plenty of movement and fun for the kids, no doubt about that. When choosing the ideal one, you need to take the trampoline weight capacity into account to avoid any unpleasant suprises. Browse below to find the best trampoline for your kids' needs.

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