Tracy Anderson's Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout | Fitty

Mini Trampoline Workout 10 min.

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

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  • Check out how to do a great trampoline workout in the video below. Remember to use a sturdy trampoline, one that you feel stable and solid on–that’s the key.

    The American Council on Exercise (ACE), which sponsored the study, says this non-conventional exercise may be beneficial for people who don’t enjoy traditional cardio workouts, who want to try a different type of cross-training, or who are looking for a low-exercise alternative to pounding the pavement. (Trampoline workouts can be easier on joints, says ACE Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., although you should still get cleared by a doctor or physical therapist if you have injuries or ongoing issues.)

  • Trampoline Workout-Fitness instructor Eran Malone says, "We call it the rebounder because you're actually jumping up and down on it, going against gravitational pull -- it creates a pumping effect within your body. It helps your blood pump and it helps your lymphatic system pump out toxins."

    Motivating mum’s Kat Brown and Rae Willingham have come up with this super fun, heart pumping Trampoline Workout for you all to try at home.

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  • Then, all of the volunteers completed a 19-minute full-body trampoline workout, set to motivational music and designed by JumpSport a company that sells fitness trampolines, accessories, and DVDs. Their heart rates and oxygen-update levels were collected every minute during the workout, which the researchers used to calculate their calorie burn.

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Find a Trampoline Park Near YouRather go to a class that someone else is leading? Check out one of these places to do a group trampoline workout near you: