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2015 Female Trampoline World Championships Finals - YouTube

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  • I've been a guest at Trampoline World Gymnastics a few times for birthday parties and there are highs and lows to the experience for sure.

    The highs - the trampoline options at the facility are awesome! Between the foam pit that kids can tarzan-swing into to the bungee jumping and successive in-floor trampolines so they can jump from one to another to another, it's pretty impressive. The staff is cordial as well and there's always plenty of them around which is nice.

    The lows - Have you ever gone into your favorite bar when the lights were on and went "aaahhh, clean this place!" I kind of feel like that here. Lots of bare feet have passed through, and at the last birthday the bathroom in the party room wasnt *ahem* exactly spotless. It's a big facility and I'm sure cleaning would be a chore but it needs to be done more often, plain and simple. Plus, the birthday party prices are outrageously expensive!

    I believe Trampoline World is a gymnastics center teaching our next Olympians first (and in Colorado Springs that's not even an exaggeration), and for extra money they allow free jump time and birthday parties. I'm sure if my kid were said Jr. Olympian my opinion of the place might be different. But for a kid's birthday party experience? It's just ok.

    The official world record DD for men at a sanctioned event is 18.00, achieved by of on April 30, 2010 at the Pacific Rim Championships in . He beat his own world record of 17.50 that he had achieved on April 2, 2007 at the Trampoline World Cup. Burnett beat the twenty-year-old record of 17.00 by Igor Gelimbatovsky (, 1986) and Daniel Neale (, 1999). The top competitors usually perform routines with a DD of 16.5 or greater. In 2009 Jason Burnett completed a training routine with a DD of 20.6 at Skyriders Trampoline Place in Canada. The women's world record DD is 15.60 by Emma Smith (). The top women competitors usually compete routines with a DD greater than 14.50. The women's synchronised trampoline pair of and also of Canada completed a new world record DD of 14.20 at the same April 2, 2007 Lake Placid World Cup.

  • My husband & I had gone to a friends daughters birthday party. The kids had such a great time. The owner of the business was very friendly. He made sure everyone in our party was satisfied with our stay.
    When our grand children get to town we will be taking them to Trampoline World to share in a memorable visit.
    Thank you a wonderful birthday celebration.

    2015 Female Trampoline World Championships Finals
    *Please note: This video was originally posted as the entire event by FIG,They should be given credit for this media.*

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