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how to make a trampoline wrestling ring

How to make a Steel Cage and Trampoline Wrestling Ring:Re-make

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  • Our exclusive trampoline wrestling ring is another Fun Spot exclusive and was originally built by special order from a Saudi prince. The frame is constructed of a steel triangular truss system for rigidity and strength. The mat is a double layer of calendered mesh trampoline fabric and suspended with hundreds of trampoline springs. Ropes are 16-ft square which is the standard size for USA professional wrestling rings. The perimeter frame is decked with 11-guage steel sheet and topped with a thick safety pad covered in heavy duty 22-oz PVC vinyl. Highly durable powder coat paint and PVC vinyl colors selected by customer.

    Trampoline on FIRE, Flaming Ladder, Trampoline Steel cage match, Highflying Trampoline Wrestling on homemade trampoline wrestling ring. RKO, Swanton Bomb, 450 splash, Spiral Tap, Moonsault, Black hole slam, coast to coast, suicide dive and more... Highlight video

How to make a Steel Cage and Trampoline Wrestling Ring:Re-make