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  • What separates trampoline fitness from other group exercise classes is the perception of fun associated with it. Even though we are contracting muscles, exerting force, using balance for landing, and increasing our heart rate, we’re doing it on a trampoline! Most of us associate bouncing up and down on a trampoline with something fun we did as children. Certainly this couldn’t be good for us also? Well, it is good for us and yes it is still fun.

    Though rebounding or trampoline fitness may not be the answer to all of your exercise needs, it can certainly benefit you. We know it is better for our bodies to have variety in our workouts. Adding one as fun as this is worth a try.

  • According to a study completed by NASA, a 10 minute jump on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run. So, it's a proven fact that a trampoline not only gives you a lot of fun but it also caters to your health needs. Thyagu Valliappaa, Play Factory adds, “Our Trampoline Park is the second biggest in Asia with an indoor arena of 10,000 sq ft filled wall to wall with trampolines. The trampoline parks are getting popular for birthday bashes, corporate events, private parties, fitness or just a fun evening out. Some of the trampoline and foam pit games that youngsters are indulging in are free jumps, dodgeball, tight rope walk, beam battle, trampoline fitness gym and even performance trampolines.”

    In a nutshell, SkyRobics was an absolute blast. I was surprised that on a Friday at 10 a.m. during the very first week of classes, 14 other people had come out to give it a whirl. In fact, one woman I talked to had already taken one of Sky Zone’s trampoline fitness classes earlier in the week, so she gave me a few pointers: 1) start out slow (“I mean, when was the last time you were on a trampoline?” she asked. Good point.); 2) try to stay in the middle of your trampoline so as not to fly off in odd directions; 3) prepare to get sweaty; and 4) don’t be surprised if you feel a bit sea sick.

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