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  • The trampoline has net covered around the canvas, so the child is inside the duct will be very secure promotion. You can leave the child in it and once on house cleaning, or washing a few bowls after eating baby. Children will not be crawling or learning in the house, she or he can fall sick, and bounced on any other object. The trampoline has a mesh bottom, very uncertain, and potentially swing, it’s suitable for the baby. Boards often see baby pictures stand up and swing, the trampoline for the baby, too, it creates excitement by a tarpaulin bottom smooth, and vibration.

    The playgroup I help out at twice a week has got 3 of these Candy Floss Baby Trampolines, as far as I know the only place you can buy them from is Argos and the price at the minute is £26.99.

    This is a special trampoline for babies aged 1 - 3 years, it's very small and looks exactly like the one in the photo Dooyoo have got up. Actually it's not EXACTLY the same because the colours are a lot brighter in real life and the lilac meshy stuff you can see round the legs is actually quite thick padding to stop little kids from hurting themselves.

    When we went to playgroup last week the owner told me they had got some money to replace some of the bigger toys there and asked me if I wanted to take a trampoline home for my sister and also some other bits and pieces because they was going to be thrown away in time for all the new stuff coming. I jumped at it and ended up picking so much stuff out for my sister that the owner had to give us a lift home with it all! lol

    This trampoline is a brill idea and even though my sister never bothered much with them at playgroup, she has done nothing but play with it since I brought it home. It's a bit smaller than an exercise trampoline and most of it has been covered in padding so there are no hard edges or anything for kids to hurt themselves on. Like anything if they fall hard enough then they will probably bang themselves but this trampoline is never going to let a child bounce THAT high so I shouldn't stress too much about it.

    My sister is nearly 3 so isn't going to get the use out of this trampoline for long, but my mate has got an 18 month old and I got one of the playgroup cast offs for her as well and her son LOVES it. He bounces a lot more on his trampoline than my sister does and gets a bit of a smoother bounce going as well because of him being lighter.

    The grip rail is covered in a soft foam to stop little children banging their faces while they're bouncing, it's just the right height for most small children I think but really the trampoline doesn't bounce all that high for kids to need to use the rail all that much.

    I definately recommend this trampoline if you've got a toddler, when this one was in the nursery it was kept in a big storage cupboard but as soon as I got it home I put it outside. It's been rained on, sat through a thunder storm the other day and also sat in the baking heat and no weather has affected it. It looked proper grubby after the storm because the rain had kicked a load of dirt all over it but it was easy to hose off and even the big mud splodges haven't stained the fabric at all.

    Like I said this trampoline was given to me but I have had a look on Argos and a few of the reviews are saying it was quite hard to put together. I don't know about that but looking at it I reckon it would be a bit fiddly because of getting the padding on tight and also getting the metal frame together.


  • This allows the manufacturer has created the trampoline for the baby. The baby, big or small, can play the trampoline. Children learning to walk should be a trampoline, here we will list you see the benefits of the trampoline unexpected.

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